Posted by: Gillian | October 30, 2012

Hens are like people

One can be really kind to chickens in huge well-monitored (intensively monitored) sheds and produce quality-assured eggs or meat or fertiliser with great efficiency.  It’s also possible to have a few chicken and know them really well. There’s the hen that is determined to get itself into trouble through too much curiosity, the one that hates to get its feet wet in early morning dew-laden grass, the one that is utterly desperate for a dust-bath after being confined in a much-moved pen for a few days, the one that hasn’t a clue how to perch because it’s mum never taught it. Tending to the needs of each results in much better eggs – fact. The question in education of adults is how to make that individualisation work effectively and efficiently. For HE institutions, the question is a huge and expensive one.  For individuals, the key is to look for places with an accredited track-record but also a history of strong market responsiveness in terms of how and when programmes are delivered.  Core content knowledge may be added to but essentially varies very little. Application varies a lot. Readiness to apply almost takes us back to the hens and knowing what suits whom and when….

What are your views on this?

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