Posted by: Gillian | July 17, 2012

University in Society


Sighisoara street during UNISO2012


UNISO exists to promote both the concept and realities of universities in society and the conference in Sighisoara last week drew together experts in international qualifications frameworks and programme design to discuss the vision and practicalities of a learning society.  For me, some of the key points were:

  1. A reminder that the EU made a commitment in 2008 to education and training for ‘citizens’ rather than ‘students/learners’ (Jean-Philippe Restoueix, Council for Europe)
  2. The greening of the economy will have an increasing impact on university provision (Alain Nicolas, Université de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines)
  3. Modernisation of universities is not only a necessity (Anna Soos, University of Cluj-Napoca) but can follow a variety of forms as suggested by a number of participants. Some of these forms were exclusive, high-end programmes and others open-access but all were looking for high levels of attainment.
  4. Educational outcomes are more relevant to a progressive, sustainable society than learning outcomes.
  5. In considering use of technologies such as apps or widgets, designers need to place more emphasis on the type of learner and the context of their learning (Jean Uebersfeld, “Pierre et Marie Curie” University, Paris VI).

What are your views on this?

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