Posted by: Gillian | March 14, 2012

Widget development competition

Today has been spent in Milton Keynes discussing widgets that would make learning and development more simple, less time-wasting or more useful.  The ROLE project, set up by a European Union-funded consortium in which the BILD plays a part, has set up a competition as part of its dissemination strategy so that people who have an idea for a widget can outline their requirements a, if selected, may then have a ROLE project specialist assigned to them to help them use the ROLE widget SDK and develop their idea. In May, the top three widgets so created will win prizes. The idea is to get from a day of this:

ROLE workshop





to a series of genuinely useful learning and development oriented widgets.  If interested, use the ROLE link above and join in.

I’m also looking to compile a list of useful professional and higher education L&D widgets (from any source) so if anyone wishes to contribute to that list, please let me know.  If there is a charge attached to using the widget, they will have to be very useful indeed or very cheap if I am to list them. 🙂


What are your views on this?

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