Posted by: Gillian | September 26, 2011

Online educators in mainstream education

Talking to some students several weeks ago, one said: “X never sent me an email in the whole course.  He doesn’t know how.” The others nodded sympathetically.  Whether or not said professor really did not know how, the point remains: there are professors out there who do not use email or any other e-communication method to keep in touch with their students and guide their work.  EdChat offered the two related following points:

  • Content experts are a necessity, but there is no excuse to be media illiterate
  • “Media Literate” means willing to learn continuously about tech.

Last week, I was in a room full of technologically-interested educators and the majority had never attended a webinar, even a free one.  Opportunities are not lacking.

Formal education systems may not make it easy for teachers and professors and those who are really reluctant to try anything are unlikely to read this blog but it is up to us all to encourage the reluctant and if anyone wants to try out systems by responding on here or use my Twitter address (@gillianp) then please do.


What are your views on this?

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