Posted by: Gillian | February 8, 2011

Degree prejudice

People say it does not matter and/or that it does matter – do you really need to worry about where you got your degree?  I just clicked on a promising link and found “Dr. *** earned her B.A”.  Frankly, I don’t care where she earned her BA: I want to know what use she is now to the problem I am trying to solve but did the link tell me?  No: there was more information on the supplier of the Masters. Life moves on.  Knowledge moves on.  I hope I am as alert to anyone to people who emerge/explode from very under-equipped backgrounds and for them there may be a need  and use in showing  the development path.  For those who are moving betweeen (say) Bournemouth and London or Rochester and Washington, should it really be an issue?

Postscript: It’s fascinating that this post has obviously struck a chord but no-one has added their own view.  Yes, it was a rant and maybe that’s not the best of ways to start a debate but considered thoughts are welcome…

What are your views on this?

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