Posted by: Gillian | March 20, 2010

Observing the French regional elections

Sitting here in somewhat difficult circumstances, I am observing the French regional elections and thinking about adult eduction.  At one level, it is daft/mad/nuts that finding appropriate courses to help the over-80s into online existence is near impossible in France of all places.  This is the country that is supposed to have equal access completely sussed.  The UK is undeniably dreadful at many aspects of learning but one of the things it does well (apart from its rightly renowned  high-end degrees) is helping people either get back onto the learning ladder or simply hook in to whatever bits of ‘modern life ‘ are needed.  Strangely, France’s regional elections – at least here – have completely missed any discussion of education for those over about 30.  How odd.


  1. A valid point, Gillian, in that this was hardly on the agenda for the regional elections (but then what actually WAS?!).

    However, some pioneers around Europe (including the French) are involved in some very interesting initiatives. You might like to take a look at – or already know of – the eLse (eLearning for seniors) Academy

    Another favourite of mine is the eVITA project, using storytelling to gather cross-border experiences of older Europeans into scenarios for serious games.

    • Thanks, Deborah. Will be in touch – unless you get to me first!

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