Posted by: Gillian | November 20, 2009

All write now

Words in red, blue, green and orange. Long words, short words.  A rapidly thickening jungle of words.  All in eager response to a simple question: “What do you think?”  People were obviously having fun even though some had only just got to the office, some were in their pyjamas and one brave soul had stayed up all night just to be able to attend.  This is the reality of modern learning.  As George Siemens led the session from his Norwegian hotelroom, 160 people from round the globe explored the dichotomies of learning in relation to economic/business requirements.  The focus was completely on the questions, not the technology.  Elluminate (the platform being used) functioned as smoothly as any physical classroom – and had more ‘equipment’ (tools) than most.  There are even public GoogleWave records of proceedings with ongoing debates – just search on #learntrends.  At long last, we can just get on with learning when and where we want.

Thank you to all at LearnTrends!


  1. Sounds great!
    I’d like to take part in something like that in the future.

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