Posted by: Gillian | July 20, 2009

A new you

No, not some crazy 30-minute department store makeover but use of new media as part of your personal identity as a lifelong, adult, higher education learner.  If you haven’t seen the latest Michael Wesch video on YouTube, it’s definitely worth the (nearly) 34 minutes.  The theme is  redefining ‘whatever’ and ends with the very 2009 version, “I care. Let’s do whatever it takes…by whatever means necessary.”  Isn’t that what engaging in education is all about?

Education is both leadership (mostly without the ‘Brute Force Tactic’) and followership but it is mostly about defining oneself and finding a place in society.   So-called ‘ New media ‘ is now fairly mainstream.  Whether it is Twitter or a blog or a website, personal democracy and social engagement is what defines us: it defines our personally managed education network, gives us feedback and lets us learn with minimal fear and maximum experiment.  Try it!


  1. Gillian, I could not agree more.

    The first proficiency I suggest one ‘champion’ as I engage audiences in Leadership Skills, is self.

    Education is for the curious. We want answers to our questions, we want more information and we want to know what we do not know.

    What one does with that information is what makes some of us leaders and some of us followers. The beauty of it is that one does not have to remain a leader nor a follower. At times and over time those roles may change; again and again.

    Leaders stand on the shoulders of others before them (sadly I do not know who said that, but I repeat it here), and education is that building block that perpetuates the continued climb.

    Leaders (and followers) must continue to be life-long learners; otherwise we may become stagnate and digress.

    • Thanks, Wayne – education, in my book, certainly for the curious where curiosity is a virtue not a pesky nuisance.

      Is this the original source of your quotation: “If I have seen further it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants” (Isaac Newton)? No idea of the date.

      • Yes, that would be the quote. Thank you for the answer.

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