Posted by: Gillian | June 1, 2009

Preserve your identity

I have written before about the dangers in education and learning of accepting automatic linking of identities (e.g. Netvibes to Yahoo) but an unrelated incident today brought home the reality of issue.  Simply, I mislaid my driving licence.  It is an ancient, paper, now almost lace-like item that has been all over the world with me and caused much hilarity and puzzlement at car-hire places.  I can remember removing it from my wallet for security reasons before leaving on a trip and its very lack of substance in surroundings stuffed with paper and books means many hours have been spent in fruitless search.

The answer: go online to the DVLA and order a replacement.  It will have to be a horrid photo-card rather than the lace-work paper but at least it should fall out of papers and car-hire staff might be saved some puzzlement.

The relevance? I could have entered an online tax-filing password in order to get the licence and asked them to collect my photo from my passport while using ‘memorable’ info that, if answered honestly by anyone, is probably also used for everything from a weekly shop to Beebo.

That is scarey.  Or scary – depending on language.

What are your views on this?

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