Posted by: Gillian | April 28, 2009

Migration woes

Having what might politely be called a ‘learning curve’ setting up this blog on own domain.  I would very much like it to look essentially the same but Ed Merritt’s Ocean Mist design is not available in upgraded form for some reason apparently best know to WordPress.  I have written to him.  As it is, I’m going to have to do some heavy customisation of Vigilance.  I am travelling to Albany this coming weekend so expect  to have some very boring hours on planes and in airports to work on the admin.  Meanwhile, I have not disappeared off the face of the Earth so please do keep in touch either through LinkedIn or email or on Twitter (GillianP). This version of the blog is also still live and I shall keep it so for a while yet as it has done well.


  1. Have fun in Albany – it’s in my neck of the woods;)

    • Hi Robert. A pity I did not know! Albany was productive and a friend gave me a great tour of Troy from salt tips to superb educational institutions. Flexible, international learning that is more than base level knowledge checking is possible and it’s good to see New York State will support it.

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