Posted by: Gillian | February 16, 2009

Value of qualifications

Do you remember?  Do you remember that sick-to-the-stomach feeling where you hardly dare open the envelope or, today, look online?Recently I have been asked about the value of business programmes with the word ‘international’ in the title.  I have also recently been asked about the value of modular assessment as compared to ‘final exam’.

Today I’m over the moon – not on my own account but because someone dear to me has ‘done it’ – had that horrid sick feeling and qualified.  It followed a lot of other commitments in the closing stages and then a massive focus.  It was earned.

Isn’t that what qualifications should be about: a sense of being really earned?  Popping the word ‘international’ in a title is not  in and of itself something to shout about.  Doing the modular paid-the-fees end of course test is similarly wet and, from an employer’s perspective, useless.

To all who have worked so hard and for whom the stakes were high, well done!  May your futures be bright.

What are your views on this?

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