Posted by: Gillian | February 5, 2009

Diploma mills – again

Today someone asked me what I thought about the following little gem which I have edited to remove the contact numbers:

Sample email

Sample email

Note the flattering subject line: You are nominated….

There is nothing wrong with using prior experience and learning as part or even the whole of your assessment for a university level qualification (yes, even a doctorate – although that is very unlikely).  Real universities, however, would have heard about you from a named friend (with whom you can check) and would ask them to make the introduction or ask them to take you along to a meeting on the campus.  Real universities do not cold-call or, in this case, cold-email.  (Is that a recognised term?)

In this case, the recipient was angry because they already had postgraduate qualifications but had not seen this kind of thing before and they did not want others to be tricked.

Remember: you are in charge.  Your experience may have academic transfer value but if you did not start the conversation, just ignore it.

What are your views on this?

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