Posted by: Gillian | November 22, 2008

Recording achievement and PDP

The two-day annual Residential for the Centre for Recording Achievement closed yesterday afternoon happy in the knowledge that more people are using personal development planning even if, as Paul Jackson remarked, people may be able to describe the PDP process and what they do but have never heard of PDP! 

Paul’s report on the empirical research into this showcased several such instances of ‘unconscious’ competence that had arisen through personal adaptations of earlier exposure to learning tools that no longer met requirements.

Personally, whether people use a Filofax ‘to do’ section, the back of an envelope, an Excel spreadsheet or the latest eportfolio (see here for more information), is not important: it is the process.  At its heart, the process is simple:

  • do something
  • think about the results
  • decide what to do with the results (celebrate, build on them, try again in a slightly different manner, etc).

Some people use mentors or lifecoaches to help with this process and tell others that this is what they do: others prefer the private five minutes in an armchair with a cup of coffee approach.  The CRA, with its wide variety of experience, research and resources, is non-prescriptive and non-judgmental as it works to support conscious, lifelong, personal development.

What are your views on this?

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