Posted by: Gillian | November 20, 2008

Great learning resources at WOLCE

One of the advantages of taking some time to serve on the BILD Advice Clinic at WOLCE was that I had a chance to talk at length with some great people and also to go round the stands and see what was really useful to a learning designer.

Paul Richardson, a BILD member, produced a wonderful, humorous, A4 sheet promoting his Graphic Facilitation services.  What’s more, he just dropped into conversation that he also does voiceovers – which could be a blessing to those of us stuck with sopranos for voices when the market requires ‘gravitas’.  I wish I had known a month ago.

For those who were looking to have fun, well designed, team and management training sessions that did not include hiking, paintballing etc., then both FoodatWork and Get Creative were attracting lots of attention.  FoodatWork has a business leadership challenge that includes setting up a restaurant – in a week.  The GetCreative stand had a constant stream of willing volunteers participating in mini workshops while onlookers relaxed and stretched their ‘conference’ brains with puzzles and games that really ought to have been on sale.

On the technological front, I managed to have a long-ish talk with Paul Jackson of TechSmith about Camtasia (screen capture, motion-picture-in-static-picture and voiceover presentation package) which I had to use earlier in the year in a hurry.  As a result of the haste, the trial was unfair and I was both wanting to give it a proper, considered trial and hesitant to go through that again.  A major update has happened so I have a trial copy and will report in a while.  At the same time, I was given a trial copy of SnagIt and that is already an unqualified success as I have spent most of today writing a presentation and it has simplified and improved upon screen-grabs to a degree that can only amaze those who are still clunking their way through ‘PrtSc’, copy and crop.

So, altogether, a useful new set of tools for the learning designer toolbox.

What are your views on this?

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