Posted by: Gillian | November 7, 2008

Learning expo – higher education YES

Today took part in a virtual higher ed exposition/exhibition (depending on language) and really  liked the idea.  No sweaty crowds.  No obnoxious doormen demanding to know what I had in my pockets.   No fights for the water and no queues for the loos/bathrooms.  Just real people ready to discuss things in small groups or separately.  Elearning! is to be congratulated.  OK, the interface could have looked more real and less ‘Second Life‘ and the link could have been much faster but it worked and, as a prototype that saves ordinary users past the age of being delighted at the thought of a night in a dodgy hotel in Blackpool/Orlando/Sydney, it was a herald of better things to come.  We could see who else was there and talk to them individually and privately.  We could read the publications and case studies.  We could chat to sales people in booths.  There were even competitions.  Not quite the level of a  ‘win a car’ competition but at least there was no need to choose whether to donate your last remaining physical business card to a hopeless draw or to a probably equally hopeless hot-shot salesman.  If you want to give it a go, the recordings are to be available until the end of February 2009 so try this link.

What are your views on this?

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