Posted by: Gillian | September 19, 2008

Legitimate degrees

Those who have followed the links in Robert’s post about the IAU, will no doubt have found the UNESCO site hard to negotiate.

Good news – almost: the UNESCO list of universities with some form of national accreditation is available to the general public (you and me) in print form.  The snag?  It is 4816 pages and weighs a mere 10000 g (10 kgs or 22lbs).  Ouch!  The ISBN is 1403992592 and it is £350.00 from Palgrave.  So, try a library and doublecheck on Robert’s website or post a comment here and see if anyone can help.


  1. Here’s the link to the search listing

  2. Thanks, Robert.

    People should note this UNESCO list does not give all the Colleges/campuses of universities and that gives lots of room for confusion and room for diploma mills. If you are looking for a College in London, for example, you need to know whether it is part of the University of London, the London campus of a legitimate university (and which one) or some other establishment. It is not easy!

    The information can also be out of date and incomplete. For example, Henley Management College is now part of the University of Reading.

  3. good to know.. I’ll keep a lookout for more reliable sites/databases

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