Posted by: Gillian | August 21, 2008

Academic and business meet online at GDBA

Wonderful!  I hear from the GDBA that despite their next conference being held in Washington, DC area, they are accepting online presentations using Skype.  This makes international conferences economically viable and a lot ‘greener’ than they would otherwise be.  Of course, some of the human interaction will be lost – going out for a meal, chatting about jazz or football as well as the subject of the conference, Bridging Knowledge and Digital Divide.  On the other hand, getting to an academic conference thousands of miles away, in October, is far from easy and the attendees are all likely to be very used to being online for both business meetings and teaching.  It is a pragmatic step to integrate a physical-presence conference with an online, global network of practitioners and academics.

The GDBA conference is far from the first to take such a step.  It is, however, surprisingly rare within the academic business community and deserves to be a success.


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