Posted by: Gillian | May 9, 2008

Brantridge Annexe

Why do people do it?  One look at a cv that claims a degree over a decade ago from an ‘annexe’ of ‘Sussex’ raised concerns.  Why does someone ostensibly with professional qualifications and some English O-levels gain an MSc and not think it necessary to give intervening evidence?  A quick check with Sussex Uni, England finds that they know of no such annexe.  ‘Brantridge’ does, however, feature in the US Bear’s Guide which has a most useful chapter on diploma mills.  A US Masters degree and a UK MSc are, of course, somewhat different in character so even if the claimed degree is real, changing its title is misleading.  How much better it would have been to be a highly able professional – albeit without a degree.  People who can do jobs at an advanced level are highly valued and only the dimmest of recruitment agents uses a degree as the sole filter for professional positions.


  1. I guess sometimes it’s easier living the lie… There’s still no sense to it. A diploma mill on a CV is a ticking time bomb…

  2. […] is accreditation?’  It is a question that has been addressed in part in previous posts (see Brantridge Annexe and Overseas part2).  Here are the key […]

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