Posted by: Gillian | February 2, 2008

UNISO in Iaşi, Romania

For one of the year’s more interesting and useful conferences, try UNISO 2008, the seventh annual summer event. (UNISO = University in Society) Last year the conference was in Versailles. This year, it is in the historically important and picturesque city of Iaşi in Romania from 16-20 July. The Call for Papers on the theme Competence-centred Higher Education: challenges and solutions” has just been issued. There is a strand for student papers and workshop topics are welcome. Conference languages are English, French and Romanian. Simultaneous translation will be available.

Visits to the local sights (superb monasteries and artwork) and wineries are, naturally, on the agenda.

If you have not been to Romania before, do give this conference a try as the hospitality is bound to be great and the academic community is diverse, well-connected, helpful and knowledgeable. You are, of course, welcome to argue for or against competence-centred higher education and to give examples of how it does or does not work in the present plus implications for the future.

What are your views on this?

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