Posted by: Gillian | December 28, 2007

Pierre Creisson and Thomas Dandois

This is nothing to do with learning and qualifications but everything to do with justice and freedom of speech which, after all, is what Learning should lead to. Pierre Creisson (cameraman, right) and Thomas Dandois (reporter, left) are two highly respected journalists who were working for an Arte television production. While just doing their jobs, they were arrested in Niger and now face the death penalty. Come home safe and soon, guys – all your families and friends are doing what they can.


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  1. Many thanks for supporting Thomas and Pierre. As you say, they are doing a job which is vital for Africa…

    Thomas is my first cousin’s son. I met him recently, and a more pleasant, cheerful, outgoing young man would be difficult to find. Anything that any of your readers can do to support these courageous journalists would be greatly appreciated by his family.

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